Courses and Workshops

We are updating the marketing material and will soon be posting the revised materials.

Here is an overview of the BMT Courses.


Multi-module Courses

BMT for Leadership

COURSES (multi module)

Behavioural Management Techniques (BMT)

  • BMT for Leadership
  • BMT for Lean & Six Sigma
  • BMT for Safety
    • Dr. John Austin and Dr. Nicole Gravina of Reaching Results have published an article describing the difference between BMT and BBS.

Work Process Improvement (WPI)

  • The Quick Hit
  • Lean, but not as you know it


  • Mix your own blend


WORKSHOPS (full day)

  • Data Analysis Beyond the Obvious
  • Developing Behavioural Flexibility
  • Coaching
  • Triage
  • High Performing Teams
  • Bid assessment preparation
  • Bespoke workshops (mix your own)


ONLINE COURSE (at your own pace)

  • Behavioural Management Techniques – BMT