Bruce Faulkner

Bruce Faulkner started his career as a chemical engineer with Bechtel delivering projects in the Oil and Gas industry.  In 1999 Bruce spent a year being trained in behavioural science by Bill Redmon.  The following year he studied six sigma.  This began the journey of helping teams improve both safety and leadership performance.

In 2001 Bruce transferred to London to set up a continuous improvement unit for Bechtel’s civil division.  He grew the team from a standing start to a peak of 43 continuous improvement specialist.  The team delivered over £100m in benefits across a range of multi-billion pound projects such as High Speed 1 (CTRL), the West Coast Route modernisation project, Tubelines and the Croatian motorway.

In 2005 Bruce set up his company, 3 Simple Rules and since then has continued applying behavioural science and continuous improvement techniques to help teams improve performance.

Bruce is the co-founder of the BMT Federation with Howard Lees.  The BMTFed is a group of like minded people with a passion for applying behavioural science.  The BMTFed members are spread across the UK, Ireland and the USA.  Members include former members of industry and academia, professors, and a research scientist.  The mission of the BMTFed is to bring behavioural science to the world.

Here is Bruce’s biography.

The Extended Team

When Howard Lees and Bruce Faulkner set out in 2005 they were stepping out from under the umbrella of a large corporation.  They recognised the need to create their own community.
In 2005-2007 they travelled to behavioural conference in the United States. There they met with all the eminent professors of behavioural science.  The goal was to find the experts in academia with whom they would resonate.
The next challenge was to then find industry practitioners. People self selected by being passionate about applying behavioural techniques.
Armed with the academic and industry expertise there was now a critical mass of people. Together they could develop new products and scale implementations.
The extended team you see below has worked together for years.  It has been a collaborative effort to refine the BMT product as well as deliver projects.  Together we have delivered over 40 implementations of behavioural science.

Allison Reynolds, United Kingdom

Andrea Quinn, United Kingdom

Bob Cummins, United Kingdom

David Lees, New Zealand

Dr. Denis O’Hora, Ireland

Howard Lees, United Kingdom

Joanne Lees, United Kingdom

Dr. John Austin, USA

Lisa Kazbour, USA

Lynn Dunlop, United Kingdom

Dr. Nicole Gravina, USA

Phil Ward, United Kingdom

Rachel Edwards, United Kingdom

Dr. Richard Kazbour, USA

Dr. Ryan Olson, USA

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